AY 2016-2017: “first”


We started this school year last August, 2016. This school year was our first year as senior high school students. The senior high system was definitely different from our previous high school life. It is still us, together as a batch, but it was new in a way that there were new students, teachers, different tracks, specialized subjects, midterm, finals exam, thesis and etc. Almost everything this school year was basically a “first” for us. It was a first time for us dealing with the tracks and specialized subjects. In my case it is my first time in the STEM track. The intensive classes on specialized courses such as biology & calculus are also a first  for me. In biology class, it was my first time dissecting a frog alive. As for calculus, this was the first year we had such a mind blowing math course and also my first time aiming not for a high score but for me to at least pass and not take remedial classes. It’s also funny how we have become immune to the red inked circles, x’s, failing marks ad even the word ‘remedial classes’. The school load has always been super heavy, thus we don’t really complain much, but this is the first year it even got heavier because of the thesis requirements. On the good side, this year also gave us our first (and actually second) fieldwork. If I were to pick a highlight for my school year, it will definitely be our fieldworks in Batangas and Ilocos Sur. Through these fieldworks, we had our opportunity to bond with our Grade 12 seniors and to also expose our self to our real classroom, the outside world. Indeed, it was another great year for us that is just simply difficult to put into words.

Now it’s May 2017, another school year is about to end. As this school year comes to a close, I just want to express how grateful I am to have these batch mates and teachers around me. If not for these people, all those first time experiences won’t happen. As this school year ends that also means we only have one more year together as a batch and I just wish we get to build stronger bonds and make more good memories that we can cherish forever.



poster by Zhalimar Lucina & Tricia Cornista: Day & Night version

DAY version
NIGHT version